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As seen on Yelp:

I have been going to Dr. Stanton for a while. He is one of the best doctors I have seen. I work construction and if it weren't for him I would have to reevaluate my profession. Thank you Dr. Stanton for keeping me healthy.  - John D. , Frisco, TX

- Pam Collins reviewed                                                                                                                Quality Excellent

I don't usually write to many reviews but I was compelled bases on my experience. I have only been going a few visits now but I was so impressed with the staff and the quality of care and customer service. The front desk was awesome soon as I entered they greeted me and asked if I wanted coffee, water or a breakfast bar, seriously way more than I expected from a doctor's office. They saw me very quickly and did what I thought was a very complete exam, took some x-rays and showed me my problems. The doctor explained everything to me in plain English and quelled any concerned that I had. Treatment felt great and is effective as I'm already starting to feel better. Will recommend!

- Elizabeth Sherstoff reviewed                                                                                                      Quality Excellent

Dr. Bryan Stanton is by far the most outstanding Chiropractor I have ever been to. My experience with him was so positive and really changed my life for the better. He took the time to educate me in so many ways on preventing and correcting my dibilitating neck pain. His care and concern is practically unmatched in today's world of professionals. For this reason I'd like to share my positive experience with others and so that they also migh experience the absolute best in chiropractic care.

- Jared Lee reviewed                                                                                                                   Quality Excellent

Wow! Nice establishment! I started going to Twisted Spine and Joint about two weeks ago. The staff is very friendly and I didn't have to wait long at all to be seen by the doctor. He seemed very nice and professional and kindly explained to me what issued I had. I have felt way better since I have been treated and will continue to go back to this office until I am back to 100%. Thanks Doc!

Personal written review:

- Dr. Lesslie G. Moore, DDS, DN, PhD, DD


About a year ago, I thankfully met Dr. Stanton when I was barely able to walk into his Chiropractic Office.  My lower back pain was excruciating and the culmination of past falls, automobile accidents and ‘work’ posture had exacted quite a toll on my whole body.  I had used a cane off and on prior to this time, but now it was the only way I could even stand.  Needless to say, I had been to other types of practitioners with no real answer or lasting help.  After the x-rays and consultation, Dr. Stanton did some beginning adjustments that day to allow me to stand without the cane.  I assiduously followed his protocol of three times a week visits to start and graduated to weekly, then monthly visits with use of the TENS unit, ice packs, exercises, supplement advice and, best of all, an I-JOY board. I have more mobility now than I have for years, and am slowly regaining the muscle strength lost and only bemoaned by my previous physician.  I can honestly assert that I will look forward to the maintenance visits to improve my strength, balance, and mobility that Dr. Stanton helped me to regain.  The competent and compassionate care of Dr. Stanton and staff gave me hope for a more vital and pain controllable life with the ability to continue working and no need for a cane or surgery or even steroid injections.  Dr. Stanton is exceedingly knowledgeable and skillfully explains everything as well as using several armamentaria to reverse whatever damage has been done and allow the body to reach its peak performance.  I am thankful beyond possible words for my increased quality of life attributed to Dr. Stanton’s competent and compassionate care.  Please allow him to help you.

Personal written review:

- Steven R., Dallas, TX

I have been a patient of Dr. Stanton for 3 years.  He has always been professional, considerate, and knowledgeable of the human body.  When Dr. Stanton decided to start his own business and moved from Dallas to open his office in Plano, there was no doubt in my mind that I would follow him.  The new office in Plano is further away for me, but he is worth the time and effort to continue my treatment with him.  Dr. Stanton is the best chiropractor I have ever dealt with and I highly recommend him as your future chiropractor.  I have referred one patient and plan on referring many more clients to him.