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Plano Chiropractor Uses Cutting Edge Outcome Measurements

The most important aspect in our Plano Chiropractic office is to measure how well a patient is responding to care. This response to care allows the doctor to gauge what therapies or treatment protocols are working and which ones are not. If Chiropractic care can help you we want make sure we do it in the quickest and most cost effective way possible. There is no sense to render treatment that is not going to have a therapeutic effect, even though it happens in every healthcare discipline. Here at Twisted Spine and Joint Center we implement the best available research to yield the best outcomes. 

To find out the effectiveness of a treatment you two basic measurements, you need a baseline measurement of the overall function and a baseline of the overall pain. Pain and Function are the most important measurements we need in judging improvements in our chiropractic office. The first test for function is carried out in a functional capacity test, which measures exactly what tasks you can do, can't do, or are having trouble carrying out. If this test changes and you are able to do more task after treatment has render then you improved. The second test is usually a pain scale measurement which usually ask a series of questions about your pain, it is given at the start of treatment and periodically given during treatment again to measure improvement. 

The information in these outcome assessments give us the proper tools to change the treatment plan, co-manage with another practitioner, or refer to another practitioner entirely. When these outcome assessments are measured together it will paint the best picture, however, it may be that only one test needs to be done. For example, someone has no or very little pain but has weakness and vice verse, a patient has complete function but pain in static positions, the proper outcome test needs to be performed. Remember the definition of medical necessity is to have therapeutic effect which improves pain or functionality, so which ever goal the patient wants to achieve, we can help them. Which ever problem the patient has in our chiropractic office we are confident we will be able to measure them and show them improvement.