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Frisco Allergy Testing using the ALCAT Testing method

Twisted Spine and Joint is now offering food sensitivity testing in the form of the ALCAT test for some of our patients. This test can show critical and important information regarding food sensitivity patterns of food.jpgpatients as it refers to their musculoskeletal system. If we can eliminate certain foods that cause inflammation and co-morbidity in the musculoskeletal system, the patient will be able to lose weight as well as consume foods that are anti-inflammatory and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why ALCAT Testing?

It is well documented that excess weight, precisely excess fat tissue, is a major risk factor for the development of chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. A 1996 study from the Nurses Health Study involving 115,159 women confirms this relationship between weight and mortality rates and takes it a step further reporting that the lowest mortality rates are observed in women 15% below the U.S weight average for women of a similar age.

Part of the failure to successfully treat obesity is a long held but mistaken view of the causes of obesity. Weight management issues have been thought to be the result of psychological problems or personality shortcomings, a simply lack of “willpower” or “self control”. But in spite of this widely held view, there is no research to support it. Disturbances in eating behavior are a reflection of disturbances in brain chemistry. What we eat, when we eat and how much we eat are driven by the type of brain chemistry each person has. Overeating is an allergic like response to certain foods; it is a chemically-based addictive response usually to highly refined carbohydrates. It is a cyclic process that can disturb any type of weight loss program, as the cravings can be extremely difficult to overcome.

alcat.jpgWhen a person eats a food that they are sensitive to it can cause inflammation; the body is under stress, which makes it   very difficult for the body to lose weight. In 1995 at Columbia/HCA Medical Center’s Sports Medicine in Houston a study was conducted which included one hundred overweight patients. In a four week trial, the impact of food intolerance on obesity and other common health problems was studied. The 50 study participants who eliminated foods identified by a simple blood test measuring adverse reactions in their bodies lost not just body weight but body fat. In fact, these subjects lost an average of nearly 3 pounds of fat and gained one pound of lean muscle. The other 50 subjects, who followed their own weight loss plans, gained an average of 1 pound of fat and lost almost 1 pound of lean muscle. Overall, the two group’s body composition (lean to fat ration) showed a 6 pound difference at the end of the four week trial.

The ALCAT test is a scientifically verified test and eating program that uncovers each individual’s food allergies and intolerances, which is followed by a rotational diet that eliminates the trigger foods from the diet. By not eating the foods they could not tolerate, the experimenters eliminated substances that disrupted their body immune system, brain chemistry and digestive system, which resulted in fat tissue weight loss as their body was fed the right nutrients for their individual needs.