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I Believe or Don't Believe in Chiropractic

    We hear these words uttered in our Plano Chiropractic office from time to time. We sometimes have to bite our tongue on what to say, weather the patient reports they believe or do not believe in Chiropractic. We try to say in the nicest possible way that Chiropractic is not a religion or dogma, but it is simply just a preponderance of evidence. Believing or not believing in chiropractic would show a faith or lack of faith in this case, faith is simple believing in something without any evidence to point in either direction. There is an abundance of evidence that shows Chiropractic is effective for numerous conditions.

    Often we ask our patients if them believing in chiropractic is the only reason that they got better? We retort that if you only got better because you believed in chiropractic then how do you explain people who actually don't believe in chiropractic getting better, or kids that report getting better with treatment when they don't even know what chiropractic is. Perhaps, animal chiropractors who help animals out of pain, the animals get out of pain and have better mobility yet they have no idea what chiropractic is. How is this explained? Easy chiropractic works, not because you believe in it but merely because that is what the evidence states.